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Hello Everyone.

I’m Karen.

I’ve often thought about trying to write a humorous blog, but was never sure what would be my subject. Perhaps the one hundred and one jobs that I’ve already had in my 25 years: There was the time I pretended to be a professional make-up artist, and painted the faces of paying department store customers, ignorant of my actual abilities. Complaints? There were a few. Or when a temping agency sent me to work at a heart disease conference, and I found myself being roused from my slumber on the front desk by a delegate eager to register. I could have written a post about the three weeks that I went from vegetarian to vegan, and gave up when I was offered butter with my bread roll. But there are already too many vegan blogs out there. It could have even been about the afternoon that I spent at a college in Brooklyn, New York, and convinced a room of students that I was Akuna, a native Nigerian woman.

Now I have found my subject, and it’s really not that funny. Instead of something cute or edgy, my blog is called ‘quarter-life cancer’. Why quarter-life? Simple, I’m turning 25 in a few months. Why cancer? Well, because I’ve got it. I was officially diagnosed with cervical cancer on 18th November 2014. So, here I am. Hey ho. Onwards and upwards.

I live in London with two friends, and earn the pennies by working as a receptionist/office administrator, where one of my best friends is my manager. In the evenings I go to Birkbeck University, where I am studying for a degree in Drama and Theatre. I’d like to one day be able to say ‘I am an actor and writer,’ and for that to be true. I have an incredibly supportive and wonderful boyfriend called Bear. That’s not his actual name, but the nickname I’ll use in blog posts.

I see as much theatre as I can, and gorge on good, and sometimes bad, T.V. series. And films. Love a decent film. And documentaries. So I guess I like to watch things. And to read things. Books, books and more books please! Eating and drinking is also a strong area of interest – sometimes too strong. I cry very easily, but enjoy laughing more, and making others laugh. I have a collection of the most wonderful friends, and incredible parents. All of whom I am indescribably grateful for, and will write about (with their permission) in posts to come.

The purpose of ‘quarter-life cancer’ is to describe this blip in my life with honesty, detail and humour. I hope that it is informative, helpful, and elicits the occasional chuckle from whoever reads it.

I desperately don’t want this to be seen as poking fun at cancer, to cause offence to those who are also dealing with the big C, or that I am not taking this situation seriously enough. I am. I am absolutely petrified. Cancer is gross, unfair and scary, but as I’ve already mentioned, I’d rather laugh than cry.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. First up, I’m sending love, hugs and positive energy.

    2nd, I wondered if you wanted to share your blog posts on WeAreTheCity.com. 27k women, 4 million views a month.

    Let me know your thoughts. We are happy to support you and feel that you will be an inspiration to so many other women suffering from cancer blips.

    Vanessa xx


  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with all this crappy cancer stuff my lovely….but so happy that your great sense of humour hasn’t changed since the good old ‘Shakers’ days 🙂 Lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery! X

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  3. Wishing you a rapid and permanent recovery.
    Your blog made me sad but also made me smile.
    This balance is what keeps us sane in the face of adversity. X


  4. Hi Karen.

    You don’t know me, but I used to work with your Mum around 15/20 years ago when I was around the age you are now. I do remember meeting you briefly when you were very young and I remember you as a bubbly young lady.

    Reading your blog, it sounds like you are still that same lovely person, just with a very brave story to tell.

    Your blog is amazing, it made me laugh, but also brought a tear to my eye. You are a real inspiration and with your blogs can help those going through the same, help those who are going through it with loved ones to deal with and help to make other people aware.

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery and send you and your family lots of love.



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